Human Intrusion at Big Pine Nest

Jordan Lake: Two park visitors crossed inside the protection boundary at the shelter building this afternoon. Mom Loblolly went yelling up into the air and circled several times before coming in for a landing way north of the nest. An angry bald eagle comes in for a confrontational landing with its feet dangling … ready to strike in any direction. Usually bald eagles land with feet up and forward to catch the branch. However in this case, we know mom bald eagle was not chasing another bald eagle, but was trying to frighten off the humans. It is very rare for a bald eagle to actually attack a human. The bald eagle parents’ ultimate defense is to simply abandon the nest – I sure hope Loblolly and Pitch don’t react in that way. Mom Loblolly was protecting her nest the ancient bald eagle way but the people didn’t care or react to her efforts. After about five minutes or so the people got in their car and left. I ached for Mom Loblolly and Dad Pitch … that they are still being harassed by humans.

Mom Loblolly

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  1. Hi Ellen—what a shame! Is there no way to keep people further away when there’s an active nest?


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