Jordan Lake, Haw River: Bald Eagle Sky Fishing

Two 4-year-old bald eagles came up from the Haw River and the chase was on.  The lead bald eagle had a rather small fish tucked tight against its tail and the other eagle wanted the fish. Gravity exerted its pull on the fish. The lead eagle lost its grip on the fish.  Instantly the sky fishing game was on as the following bald eagle sought to catch the fish … in mid-air.  I have seen this happen (eagle on eagle or eagle on osprey) but never gotten even close to the half-way decent photos I captured this morning.  My oh my!  Aerial dexterity in the extreme.  Oh, and did the eagle catch the fish……. the slideshow has the exciting answer!


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  1. WOW OH WOW!!! Top Gun! GREAT CATCH on camera too!!! Shortly in to the video I was expecting a rather large fish, 0.5# or larger. The Top Gun swoop to recover the fish in the air is SO COOL!

    Bill Buck Look up wisely and believe.

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