Jordan Lake Dam: Haw River Gathering, Contrail Race

 I watched the 2-year-old bald eagle break away from the group of eagles that were squabbling down river. As he climbed upwards I realized he was going to intersect the contrail of a very high jet. I thought about how ragged the eaglet looked. He was still using the same flight feathers he had left the nest with when he fledged, and there were now gaps as the new flight feathers were beginning to emerge. He appeared to be racing past the jet and I cheered him on towards a third year of life.



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  1. Interesting. Never would have imagined it. Yesterday I got a very good review from the Midwest Book Review. And their reviews go out to libraries. Here it is. Judy

    1. Great review. Your poem for today, Sunday Feb 2 is hauntingly beautiful and oh so full of life lived more for others than for self. Ellen

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