Jordan Lake Bald Eagle Fishing, 4 photos, 10/26/2018

It was cold.  It was windy.  The fog kept mixing with the rain.  
Sometimes I could see the Haw River below the Jordan Lake Dam. 
 Sometimes the mists swallowed it.
And then the weather conditions didn’t matter.
This beautiful 2-year-old bald eagle was hungry and he was looking for a fish.
You can see the rain all around him.
A fish caught his eye, he banked hard, reversed direction and flew into the mists just above the river.
Did he catch his fish?
The grey air was still partially obscuring a clear view of him, but I could see a fish dangling from one foot!
As the 2-year-old banked further, he lifted above the fog and mist and I could clearly see his catch.
He flew out of sight, back into all the grey weather.