JL Eagle Nest report: H&G nest 3 photos 4/26/2018

H&G Nest
One of the chicks is branching.  It is above the nest to the left, beside the vertical light brown trunk – you can see its body and tail.
Below it are the other two chicks.
YES, there are still 3 chicks in the nest!!!
 MARK7483 Ebenezer 26-04-18 08-57 H&G nest branching
Another view of the chicks.
MARK7532 Ebenezer 26-04-18 09-29 H&G nest branching
The adult is dad Hershey. 
 Peeking around the main tree trunk at dad is one of the chicks – you can see the chick’s beak just above the nest rim.
 MARK7419 Ebenezer 26-04-18 08-33 1 H&G nest branching