JL Eagle nest report: LL&H nest 2/01/2017, 6 photos

WooWee!!! There is a CHICK at the LL&H nest.
As I have noted in the past, the nest of Lady Lake and Heritage is difficult for me to get to.
This afternoon with the help of State Ranger McMurray, we got a look at the nest.
I think the chick is about 2 weeks old.
Lady Lake in the nest.
The dad, Heritage, coming into the nest.
Just to the left of the main tree trunk, at the rim of the nest,
you can see the light grey form of the chick.
You can make out the eye of the chick, as it warms in the sun at Lady Lake’s feet.
Several times Lady Lake looked behind the chick we can see…
I wonder if there is a second chick? Bald eagles usually have 2.
Eagle parents spend a lot of time simply watching their chicks.