Jordan Lake. LL&H nest. I don’t know if there’s a second chick in the nest or not. The chick appears to be somewhere around five weeks of age… I don’t know the actual hatch date. Like all bald eagle chicks, this one is very alert to see what it’s parent is doing! I took this photo a couple of days ago in the sunshine and thought: you know, this gray morning we could do with some brightness and light. Enjoy!

LadyLake and Her Chick

I want to say Thank You for all the wonderful responses to my 2 new eBooks and to the interview with Frank Stachio on The State of Things. During the eagle lecture at the Jordan Lake State Recreation Area on Saturday there were all kinds of good questions and the sharing of each other’s interactions with eagles.  All of you helped make last week full of blessings and gratitude!

Lady Lake cruised past me, elegant and sure of herself.  
I didn’t see Heritage her mate but I am sure he was close by.

This bright American goldfinch was way at the top of a tree. Usually I see them in the tall grasses.

American crows, caught in the right light, are iridescent. This one had a bite of fish for his fledgling.

The male ospreys are working hard to feed their chicks.

Nests always need repair. Ospreys tend to like branches all twisted and with lots of forks.

LL&H Nest
It is with deep sadness that I must report that the chick at the LL&H nest has been lost.  
When the rangers saw that part of the nest had fallen they did a thorough investigation.
It appears that the north side of the nest had collapsed.  The rangers could not find any remains of the chick.  
There had been a really, really rough windy storm in the preceding week and maybe that is what destroyed part of the nest.  
My heart, as yours, hopes that Lady Lake and Heritage will do what eagle parents do: come back late this fall, repair the nest and breed again next year.
We will keep an eye on the nest through the coming months and I will add updates of any changes.
doc ellen
I want to say thank you for all the wellness thoughts and prayers for my knee surgery.  
My knee is doing great and I sure was happy to finally be back at the lake after 10 days away.
First Nest
All is fine at the nest.
 Here is Kate dashing off to go find a breakfast fish for the chicks.
One of the chicks just below Petruchio’s chest.
I don’t know what the chick was watching, but it was very intent.
H&G Nest
Godiva is on the edge of the nest.  You cannot see Hershey who has incubation duty and is behind the main trunk.

WooWee!!! There is a CHICK at the LL&H nest.
As I have noted in the past, the nest of Lady Lake and Heritage is difficult for me to get to.
This afternoon with the help of State Ranger McMurray, we got a look at the nest.
I think the chick is about 2 weeks old.
Lady Lake in the nest.
The dad, Heritage, coming into the nest.
Just to the left of the main tree trunk, at the rim of the nest,
you can see the light grey form of the chick.
You can make out the eye of the chick, as it warms in the sun at Lady Lake’s feet.
Several times Lady Lake looked behind the chick we can see…
I wonder if there is a second chick? Bald eagles usually have 2.
Eagle parents spend a lot of time simply watching their chicks.