Big Pine Nest update: Mom Loblolly

Jordan Lake: Yesterday, late morning, Captain Doug and I were out cruising and checking on bald eagle nests. We went to check the Big Pine Nest and there was Mom Loblolly incubating her egg(s) and we could fully see the upper half of her head and her great big beautiful eye. Captain Doug and I went on about the lake checking out other nests and so we came back by Big Pine Nest early in the afternoon. Now we could barely see the top of Loblolly’s head and could only make out a bit of her eye. The difference in the two photos and why in the first one you can see her eye and in the second photo you have to look hard to see the rim of it? That’s because in the late morning photo there wasn’t any one in the parking lot at the shelter. When we came back by in the early afternoon we could see people standing in the parking lot. Mom Loblolly was definitely keeping tucked down into her nest and as out of sight as possible.

Mom Loblolly
Mom Loblolly Staying As Out of Sight as Possible