Jordan Lake Dam: Close Fly-By 11-08-2018

I was on top of the Jordan Lake dam this morning.
A large flock of crows was mobbing a red-tailed hawk between me and down towards the tailrace and Haw River.
There were more than a dozen crows.  Between the crows’ shrieks and the screaming hawk, the sky was noisy.
And then everything went silent as crows scattered and the hawk rolled upright and stared behind me, over my shoulder.
I turned around and found myself literally on the same level as this inbound 3-year-old bald eagle.
It flew slightly up and over me, made a large lazy turn and came back.
As it passed over me again, a little bit higher, it cocked its head to take one last look at me.
Oh, my.  I think I started breathing again some time around noon!

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