Jordan Lake Dam, Quarterly Bald Eagle Count, 6 photos 10/14/2018

Today was our quarterly count of bald eagles at Jordan Lake.
I don’t yet know the total count from all around the lake.
There was a lot of excitement about how many were being counted.
The morning started with this 2 year old almost outshining the rising sun.
Then this 4 year-old showed up.
He still has some dark feathers in with the white on his face and his tail.
A pair of 4-year-old eagles came by chasing each other.
Perhaps sizing each other up as potential mates in the coming year.
The female is the top bird and as is usual with bald eagles, she is much the larger bird.

A grand adult male winged past, his attention on something on the horizon.
Another two-year-old put in an appearance.
And an exciting finish to the 1.5 hour count.
The trio are all adult bald eagles.
The upper left is a male.
The lower right: the upside-down eagle is a female saying no way to a much smaller male trying to get her attention.
Both males were probably hoping the female would pair with them, but she eventually sped away from both.

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