JL Eagle Nest report: Oh Wow! 2 photos

H&G nest:     I was packing up getting ready to head over to my next stop down the lake. My camera was on the ground on its towel.  As I was putting stuff into various bundles for the long walk out, I heard the crows screaming as they started mobbing a raptor.  I stood up and turned toward the sound and instantly found myself almost face-to-face with a red-tailed hawk and five or six crows.  All of the birds scattered in totally different directions because they didn’t expect me there.  The crows quickly gathered together back around the hawk and the mob dove into a tall clump of pines about 50 feet from me.  In went the mob and out came momma bald eagle: Godiva exploded into the air out of the tree clump.  She passed right over me, fighting for lift and trying to avoid smacking into me.  I could feel the wind from her wings and hear their beat as I grabbed my camera and started shooting.  Godiva looked mighty grumpy!  I swear it took an hour for my heart to settle and my breath to come back.  What an awesome visit to the Jordan Lake Neighborhood.

head detail from the photo above


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  1. Wow. Incredible photos, Doc. Thanks once again for helping out by calling the ranger over on Thursday. I got my boat Gypsy out of the water fine, though I had to swim back and forth from the dock to land over at Poplar Point. At least it was clear of logs! Any way, it was very nice talking with you, may I’ll see you the next time I get her on the water.

  2. I am so amazed by your photographs. I have been to the lake several times and have yet to see the bald eagles. I got a few photos today of an osprey which was spectacular. I guess I’ll keep looking! Keep up the great work.

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