eagle family report 5-4-2015

Eagle Family Report: VIDEO of Brassy attacking Ice is at http://youtu.be/tg2ne8JiKkc
video has a slow motion replay of the attack so you can see the interactions

Yesterday I stood and listened to the screaming alerts of the fledglings as Brassy attacked.
The three year old immature eagle had come from across the cove and went straight as an arrow for the nest.
In the photo: Ice is on the left screaming his terror and defiance and Brassy is the hurtling mass of feathers just above him and to the right.
Ice managed to evade the attack and Brassy actually flew over him and right on across the top of the nest.
For those who like the details, my shutter speed was 1/2500 sec and yet Brassy’s speed still blurred her image.

WALK4727 May 03 2015  08-38-16  N H and Ebenezer Brassy and Ice