eagle family report 5-5-2015 Victory Song

VIDEO at http://youtu.be/zFaqIllLy8g
NOTE: I decided to leave the audio intact – I wanted you to be able to hear the eagles.
In my excitement I had gotten almost on top of my camera that was recording…so you can hear me and my friend talking about the action – if you would prefer, by all means mute the sound.

In the video:  Ice is the fledgling to the right on the branch and Wynd is in the nest eating. Ice notices the chase first.
You get just a blurred glimpse of Brassy above the scene and then Petruchio below. The rest of the chase is out of sight (the chase from which you have seen photos).
This is the ending sequence.
Petruchio returns first – triumphant that he has chased Brassy away. Kate soon follows – watch her weight spring the limb Petruchio is on.
They both express their excitement with head throws, calls and body quivers. The fledglings are safe.
As ever, Kate gets bossy and pushes Petruchio around. He heads out and Kate is satisfied, for the moment.

In the photo below: left to right: Wynd, Ice, Kate, Petruchio.

WALK3891 Apr 29 2015  12-56-23  New Hope Petruchio victory song 1