Jordan Lake. This morning, two pairs of adult bald eagles set about trying to decide who owned what part of the lake for the coming breeding season. The first couple, down lower edge of the video, is from the east side of the lake – the other pair is from the west side. My understanding is in these kind of disputes, females go after females and the males go after males. You can sometimes see in the video the size differences. The constant squeaky chirping is the bald eagles talking.

Brassy doesn’t care who she harasses, like this osprey.
All bald eagles will chase an osprey that is carrying a fish.
The eagle crowds or actually bumps the osprey until it drops its fish.
Usually the eagle snatches the falling fish before it hits the water.
Yes, the bald eagle is a thief.
Osprey is up top and Brassy is closing fast from the lower right.

WALK6192 May 08 2015  07-12-34  New Hope Brassy osprey 2