Father Osprey Hurt by Fishing Line

Jordan lake. This photo shows why I hate how careless people are with fishing line. That’s one of the father ospreys at Jordan Lake. His wing is broken. I came upon him while he was still up in the nest trying desperately to get free of fishing line. He snapped his own wing as the line broke and he tumbled to the ground. Three of the state park rangers came to help rescue him. They got the line all cut loose from around his wing. Captain Doug took him over to the rehab facility. The prognosis is not good. I don’t know why people cannot pick up their fishing line. I don’t know why people cannot be that thoughtful. My prayers and meditation for the little guy. Please remind everybody that if you break a line, pick it up, throw it out, properly get rid of it. You can follow the osprey at https://www.facebook.com/ClawsNC/photos/10159773261784920


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  1. So sad. I hope they are able to repair the broken bone(s) after he must have struggled so mightily to get free.

    1. I got word that they had to amputate the wing at the “wrist”. He will not be able to fly again. Now the problem is getting him to eat as ospreys only want live fish that they have caught.

  2. Oh no…. thanks for the update. I have seen a rehab center in Alaska place live fish in tubs to help teach rescued Great Blue Heron Chicks how to fish. Maybe they can stock a very shallow smallish basin or tub with fish that the Osprey can try to catch. Granted that Osprey catch with feet rather than their beaks like the Great Blues do, but maybe if he is sufficiently hungry… Plus I worry about his mate and nestlings if any… Keep updating as you are able, please.

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