Hope Full Osprey Nest

Jordan Lake. I don’t often name the Osprey nests. But given the history of this nest over the past three days, I picked a name that I know you will understand in a moment. This is the nest where the father osprey caught his wing in the fishing line on Monday. The veterinarian had to amputate part of his wing. He will never fly again. His prognosis is very poor because it’s very difficult to rehab ospreys because of their feeding habits. Keeping in mind that nature is never cruel but she is harsh, let me bring you the hope of the nest. Mom osprey was still early enough in her breeding cycle that she accepted a new male yesterday. So that is why I am hopeful. 1st photo: mom on the lower limb and her new mate up in the tree above her. 2nd photo: mom osprey. 3rd photo: dad osprey. 4th photo: the pair right at the end of their mating. I am hopeful that it works out that the season is not too late for this new pair.

Hope Full Osprey Pair
Osprey Mom
Osprey Dad
Osprey pair at end of mating.


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    1. I watch the pair yesterday holding my breath till I almost passed out. Went back this morning and you see what I got to watch. Yes I am full of hope for this new pair.

  1. Thank you SO much for sharing this. I shed tears over your news of the injured male osprey and still do, to think he may not survive b/c of yet another human’s stupid, thoughtless act. But these pictures are heartwarming indeed! 🤞🤞💜


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