Jordan Lake Eagle Nests reports, 4 photos, December 26, 2016

Lady Lake and Heritage nest

Another eagle monitor has graced us with two of his photos of this nest.
I am grateful for his input as this nest is hard for me to reach.
You can see Lady Lake brooding – she is sitting on egg(s).


In this photo you get a long view of the nest tree and the nest.


First Nest

Yay! Kate is brooding too. Chicks in about 30-35 days.
You can just see Kate’s head right at the brim of the nest. She is facing to the right.
If you look carefully you can see her eye between the large limb and a much smaller branch.


Hershey and Godiva H&G

I almost didn’t get this shot as I was packing up and putting my camera away when Hershey flew past.
Against the grey sky you can see that Hershey has nesting material tucked against his tail, trailing some pieces.
I am not sure yet that Godiva is brooding.