DANGER, again bald eagle report 04-17-2016

There is a second prescribed burn, under an eagle nest, scheduled. I believe this burn may occur on Wednesday. This is the other burn that I have been trying to get delayed until after the eaglets have fledged. WRC is adamant that this burn will happen. The only chance we have to get it stopped is for all of us to make our displeasure loudly heard. Please, contact again any and all of the people on my April 14th posting. If you know of any eagle, bird, wildlife, conservation or wildlife photography group that needs to be made aware of this situation, please share these postings with them.
I have felt all the prayers, thoughts, and meditations of all of you as we work on this problem together. I am so privileged to be a part of such a caring community.
peace and grace,
doc ellen
 WALK8852 04-11-16 @ 11-43-38 Pea Ridge Godiva and 2 yo