eagle UPDATE prescribed burn 4/17/2016

Update on Eagle prescribed burn, Sunday April 17 7:41 PM

Late this afternoon I saw an adult, perched at the nest. I also saw 1 chick. So we are all still waiting for the second chick to be seen along side of the first one. Both the adult and chick appeared to be calm and acting like eagles should act. That is great to observe. I and the other monitors are keeping a close eye on the nest. I am also still worried about possible respiratory problems from the smoke that lingered for more than 24 hours over the peninsula. But at the distance (1 mile) I am watching from, that is going to be difficult to spot.
In this photo, the parent is on the “Sentinel” perch to the left and above the nest – again with its back to us so look for the white head and tail. The chick is almost centered in the nest. It looks like a black shadow shaped like the upper half of a long necked bottle. Wish I had a longer lens so we could all see more detail.

There is going to be a second posting somewhat later tonight because there is possibly going to be a second burn this coming Wednesday.

peace and grace
doc ellen

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