eagle UPDATE burn 04/18/2016

I checked the nest this morning.   I saw both parents.  AND one of the parents was feeding a chick!!!! Yes!  I still have not seen both chicks at the same time.  Most likely I am seeing each of the chicks, but just don’t know when I am seeing one or the other.  I will keep monitoring.  Still worried about possible respiratory problems for the next week.

Two of our news programs were very interested in the eagles and burns and have interviewed me.  The WRAL interview will air at 5:30 PM this evening.  The 101.5 FM Gene and Julie Show will air tomorrow morning at 7:25 AM

In the photo below it is fairly easy to see 1 adult – see the white head centered in front of the main trunk.  The other adult is harder to see.  Look to the left of the white head of the first adult and it is mostly a black shadow.  I couldn’t catch a photo of the chick when it briefly appeared.
IMG_6007 04-18-16 @ 09-49-12 McCoy Rd Mccoy 4:18:16