My Friend Needs Help…

Jordan Dam, Haw River: I had seen the black vulture flock come into the parking lot earlier.  They are always looking for left over hotdogs and fried chicken pieces. They are quite adept at taking the lids off the trashcans and helping themselves to the human throw-aways that are inside.  My attention was drawn back to the vultures when I heard the lid of the trashcan hit the pavement.  I started photographing as one of the younger vultures noticed the sign … I could almost hear him thinking, “my friend is stuck in the trashcan, he needs help, and well, just how am I supposed to dial 911 when I don’t have an iPhone?”.  I put my camera down, quietly walked up on the flock, gently tipped the trashcan over on its side freeing the vulture inside of it. The flock chirred their thanks and we watched the embarrassed vulture walk away.  Sometimes, you just never know what will happen at the lake…


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  1. That is funny. I was there a bit earlier and saw a vulture sitting on a sign by the parking space. Looked like a statue

    1. Great story – my first laugh for the day! Thank you for turning over the trash can to help him out! I can just imagine him slinking away in embarrassment!
      Absolutely love your blog. Just discovered last weekend while camping at Jordan Lake, looking up info about where best to see some eagles. We’ve been camping at Jordan Lake for over 10 years and to my knowledge have yet to spot one. Your picture earlier this week of the bird flying over the water was spectacular.
      Thank you for sharing your experiences at one of our favorite places.

      1. Glad that you have discovered Jordan Lake! Thank you for your kind words. You may have seen a bald eagle without realizing that you were looking at one … the immature bald eagle doesn’t look at all like a white-headed and white-tailed adult. On my fine art site you can review and consider purchasing my Bald Eagle ID Guide and learn to know a bald eagle and its plumage patterns as it matures and how to maximize your chances of seeing a bald eagle. The site is

  2. This is a funny post but it provoked a different question. So many animals discriminate about other similar animals. Do black vultures hang out with turkey vultures? Are they able to interbreed?

    Bill Buck Look up wisely and believe.

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