UPDATE on burn at Jordan Lake 4/15/2016 9:18 PM

I was at the lake all day today, along with several other people, monitoring the prescribed burn. I saw both parents and at least 1 of the chicks prior to the start of the burn. We were watching from almost a mile away and cannot tell the chicks apart – so we may have seen both chicks but didn’t know that we did. It was obvious that the parents noted the humans under their nest and one would sometimes stay in the nest while the other parent circled closely above the nest. The fire was started late in the morning. During the burn we could sometimes see one or both of the parents on limbs above the nest or in the nest. I was pleased to see that the parents were staying close to the nest and not wanting to just fly away. Once the burn was well started we could not easily see the nest. By late evening a lot of the smoke had dissipated and we could see one parent at the nest. Please understand this does not mean that something had happened to an adult or a chick just because we could not see them. From our long distance it appeared that the nest and nest tree was intact. There will be a eaglet/nest check tomorrow and in the following days. I’ll be there tomorrow very early. Will continue the updates. The photo is of the peninsula early this afternoon. THANKS to all of you for your thoughts and calls and emails – thanks from the EAGLES especially.
Peace and grace, and I need to get some rest!
doc ellen