eagle family report 5-10-15 Sticks

VIDEO at http://youtu.be/HzB5oGvk9_I
NOTE: wind was gusty and the 2nd video clip shows it!

First Ice brings a stick to the nest – gets it hung up on the rim and he is puzzled.
Then Wynd brings a fat stick to the nest. Gets it stuck on her foot.
Loses interest in the stick and bounces out of the nest and onto the parent’s big roost.
Only she misjudges the distance and ends up right at the end of the limb and can’t figure out what to do with her feet.
Quite a dance she does. She finally bails out.
I wonder if carrying the sticks is good practice for carrying wet slippery fish once the fledglings begin to fish for themselves.
In these photos: 1st is Ice in the very dark early morning; 2nd is Wynd landing with her right foot on the stick and her left foot on the roost.

WALK6828 May 09 2015  08-28-19 New Hope Ice stick 2015

WALK7077 May 09 2015  11-38-48  New HopeWynd stick

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