Jordan Lake Bald Eagle Nest report: 10 photos

H&G Nest
There were severe storms being forecast and the wind had the chicks full of themselves.
Dad Hershey watched as one chick wing wapped.
Then the second chick came down the branch were it was sitting on the left of the nest.
It too got into the practice work of strengthening muscles.
These chicks are working hard toward fledging soon!!!
_ARK2012 Ebenezer 13-05-19 09-38-30 H&G branching_ARK2015 Ebenezer 13-05-19 09-38-33 H&G branching_ARK2020 Ebenezer 13-05-19 09-38-38 H&G branching_ARK2021 Ebenezer 13-05-19 09-38-38 H&G branching_ARK2038 Ebenezer 13-05-19 09-45-45 H&G branching_ARK2043 Ebenezer 13-05-19 09-46-58 H&G branching_ARK2046 Ebenezer 13-05-19 09-46-59 H&G branching_ARK2047 Ebenezer 13-05-19 09-47-04 H&G branching_ARK2056 Ebenezer 13-05-19 09-48-55 H&G branching_ARK2124 Ebenezer 13-05-19 10-01-22 H&G branching


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  1. Interesting that you caught them flapping. Were you out in that storm that came by about 1 p.m.? Judy

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