eagle family report 4-24-2015

Kate was attacked by a 3 year old bald eagle at the nest as she was trying to deliver a fish to her chicks
story and video are at youtu.be/L-1FbdiI94Q
NOTE: the wind was howling and so the video has shake and noise – sorry about that
I hope you get to see at least the opening 2 minutes: I have never seen Kate flying so fast

the first photo is soft because the attack occurred as I was setting up my equipment and I took the shot in a hurry
the immature eagle was below my shot
the second photo is of Kate streaking after the immature eagle – they were traveling so fast I caught Kate partially blurred and missed the 3 year old
note that Kate is still holding the fish in her talons
you can see the chicks in the nest to the far lower left

IMG_4380 Apr 23 2015  07-29-22  N H attackKate anger pre

WALK1261 Apr 23 2015  08-34-26  New HopeKate anger