Doc Ellen’s Natural Minute 04/28/2022

Jordan Lake. Doc Ellen’s Natural Minute. This morning I quite literally saw the world in a whole different way. I was blessed to have cataract surgery on Tuesday. This morning, for the first time in many years, I could actually look about and clearly see the world around me. What a medical miracle indeed. Take care, stay safe. Be well!


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  1. CONGRATS to you! Before I had mine done last fall, I was nearly blind. Have you noticed any difference in color perception yet? With my first eye, there was a noticeable change in blues, and with the other eye, the change was to greens. There’s a fascinating report about the impressionist painter Monet and how the colors in his paintings changed after his cataract surgery back in his day. Good luck to you!

    1. When I had my first eye done four years ago it was the blues that were just absolutely impressive. This time, interestingly enough, I was noticing the violet and lavender shades. I am actually tetrachromatic and it has been almost painful to me that for the last few years I’ve not been able to see all of the shades of the spectrum. This morning I did. Even in the golden brass light I could see all of the shades going into ultraviolet and it was beautiful. I’m glad we are both thoroughly enjoying the whole world again.

      1. How wonderful for you! It truly is life-changing surgery. I am not out of the woods and had retina surgery a month after the second eye but I’m ever hopeful!

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