Jordan Lake, Dawn. This is the third hover that Hershey had done inside of four minutes. He came dashing off of the shoreline, went into a hover, looked, pulled out, circled around. He did that same hover, half dive maneuver once more. You are seeing the third hover that he held for more than 4 seconds. You can also see that he once again did not actually go after whatever it was in the water that had his attention. I sure wonder what it was that had caused the repeated attempts!

Jordan Lake, Haw River 16 minutes after the sun rose … I was tracking a male osprey as he came in over the dam and almost disappeared down into the shadows of the riprap and the sudden glare of the sun. I watched the osprey flare and snatch his fish and then the quiet morning exploded in osprey shrieks and great blue heron gronks. A large light grey shadow was closing in on the osprey. I don’t know if the heron had had an eye on the same fish as the osprey or that the heron took exception to the osprey disturbing his morning fishing. The osprey fled the river with his fish and out over the dam and the heron grumbled his way back to the riprap shoreline.