DANGER to ALL Bald Eagles

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DANGER to ALL BALD EAGLES. Please share this posting.
I just got this link from a fellow Bald Eagle advocate. So far, nothing in my RSS in the Federal Register about the eagles and this permitting. But, sadly, I would not be surprised to see it show up. I am looking into this and IF I see a public comment open in the Federal Register about this I will let all of you know so you can comment.


the link to the Federal Register Wildlife is at https://www.federalregister.gov/topics/wildlife… and if you go down to February 17, 2016 you will see the ruling that originally changed the permitting that is mentioned in the article.

doc ellen


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    1. Dear Lisa, thank you so much for your concern about the bald eagles. A very abbreviated update: As of May 6th, 2016 the entire bald eagle population, not just ours here at Jordan Lake, was put into danger. The US Fish and Wildlife Service posted a proposed new Rule to the Federal Register which will allow the permitted legal killing of between 4250 and 6000 bald eagles a year – out of our entire population of 145,000 bald eagles. The people holding these proposed 10-30 year long permits will be allowed to kill without prosecution. Probably the best way for you to catch up with the background on this is to go to my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/docellen/ and at the very top of the Timeline is information about how to help stop this Rule Change. If you go back to April 14, 2016 on my Facebook page you can follow the daily updates from when I started posting about the prescribed burns here and then right on into the purposed Federal Register Rule changes. thank you for your interest and thank you for reading my blog! peace and grace, doc ellen

      1. Thank you for the update. I am very upset and astounded by this, but since many freedoms are being taken away and many bad things are happening in our country, I am not surprised.

        I cannot come to your facebook page because I quit facebook. Thanks anyway.

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