WALK9708 arial talons two 2015

these two immature eagles locked talons in mid-air
they stayed locked talon to talon all the way to the surface of the river before they broke the hold
they flew down river still chasing each other


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  1. Interesting picture! I had to read the text to fully understand what was going on. I have never seen eagles lock talons.

    1. The talon locking is a test of will and strength. It is used to prove superiority and/or suitability. Potential mates will use this display to determine if the other eagle has the heart and fierceness needed to mate and raise offspring. Competitors for fish (as in this case) will claim a spot for fishing by besting the other eagle. Sometimes even 1 year-old eagles will engage in this arial display as they practice for the more serious business of growing up and finding a mate in their 4th or 5th year.

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