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Jordan Lake Dam, Haw River.  Hold On!!! Neat fact coming up!!! Guess what: Hummingbirds do NOT suck up nectar.  Nope.  They lap/lick up the nectar. I have simplified the process explanation:  The hummingbird flicks his long tongue out and into the nectar.  The tongue flattens and grooves down its length become immersed in the fluid.  The tongue then rolls it sides up and the rolling action puts pressure on the nectar and down it goes into the bird’s tummy.  In effect, the tongue is an elastic pump.  Ok.  So, I have given you 2 photos from this morning at the lake so you can see the very long thin tongue on this ruby-throated hummingbird.  The black and white photo helps delineate the tongue.  Link to take you to a wonderful page with great explanations https://www.livescience.com/51904-hummingbird-tongue-pump.html

There are 3 bald eagles in the chase.
The lowest bald eagle is a 3-year-old and it caught the fish that is dangling from one talon.
The adult bald eagle was right behind the 3-year-old when the youngster caught the fish and immediately the chase was on.
The best way for the catcher to hold onto his fish was to make it deep into the woods and land on a branch, fish again the branch.
The 3-year old had almost made it to safety when a 2-year-old eagle joined the chase and cut in below the adult.
The chase was fast and furious with a lot of screams. Ultimately, the 3-year-old lost the game and dropped the fish.
I have enclosed both a full-color and a black and white image.
The scene is so detailed that it may be easier to see the 3 eagles in one or the other photographs.
black and white of same photo