Jordan Lake Dam Critters, 4 photos 10/07/2018

Jordan Dam Critters
The monarch butterflies are migrating and this morning at the dam I had more than a dozen flit past me, all heading south.
The veins are so well defined on the wings of this common buckeye butterfly.
And, so, when is a butterfly, not a butterfly?
For the answer: study these next two photos…
When the flying insect is a grasshopper.  How about the elegance in those wings!!


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    1. It took more than 50 shots before I got the 2 that I published. I could not chase these critters in flight if I had to pay for film! My camera settings if you are interested: ISO 2000 (I normally use ISO 800 but the day and area were very grey and shaded), 1/3200 s, f/8, 560 mm. I used a Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon 100-400mm lens + 1.4 extender. Editing in Capture One. Hope you get one soon!

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