I was asked if the young hawk was ok…

Here is a closeup of the harassed immature red-tailed hawk from this morning.
He is keeping a sharp eye on the squawking crows – who are just outside of the photo’s edge.
I watched him for close to an hour. He rested at several points but the crows would find him again. He finally yelled at the crows and flew up and over the trees, heading south. The hawk was not in any physical danger – the crows know just how far they can push the envelope. And the gangsters acknowledge the hawk’s ability to turn tail on a dime and strike them, although birds are not the red-tail’s preferred food. The crows also knew that this was an immature bird and that they were in less danger from it than if it had been an experienced mature bird. The hawk was frustrated but not hurt.

red-tailed at rest