A hummingbird? Perhaps a songbird, duck or bald eagle? Natural focal points for your desk or your living room wall? Please wander through https://docellentinsley.smugmug.com where you could get all your holiday shopping done. Maybe you would like to share some fine art with family and friends for the Holidays. In my gallery you can order a large variety of birds and landscapes as prints, framed wall art or desk art, or greeting cards! Thanks for your support and friendship, peace and grace, Doc Ellen

Having just added new photos to my print gallery (more than a dozen bird species), I want to say my heart-felt thanks to each of you who has bought a print from me in the past.  My thanks to those of you who check out my gallery site and consider making a purchase.  Each purchase helps me to continue my field studies at Jordan Lake and I do enjoy the studying.  However, my biggest joy is in the sharing with all of you what I observe at the lake. Thanks for considering a purchase.
Peace and Grace, Doc Ellen
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PS: Here is a sample from my newest collection Palette … and, yes, it is a photograph that the child-heart of me dreamed into a new vision…
(actual print does not have the watermark)

The young hawk takes the opportunity to chase an American crow. The hawk is pestering the crow. The crow is much bigger than the hawk’s normal prey of sparrows and warblers. American crows raid hawk nests and steal eggs and chicks. Even though this is a juvenile hawk, he understands the damage a crow can do and decides to remind the crow just how agile a flier is the Sharp-shinned Hawk.


Laugh with Doc Ellen…
Uh, oh. As I watched a hawk zip over my head this morning, I found myself thinking it sure looked liked a “T” in flight and that could make it an Accipiter (Cooper’s hawk or sharp-shinned hawk). But then I glanced at the wings as it zipped past and went to attack a crow that was perched in a tree, and said no, leading wing edge said it had to be a red-shouldered hawk. Then my brain said wait a minute, red-shouldered hawks don’t usually go after something like a crow. And I dismissed all those thoughts because two juvenile eagles went across the sky chasing each other. Then I got home and started looking at this morning’s photos. I should always go with my first thought. It was an Accipiter. Drat that I didn’t notice that LONG tail and its band configuration. The hawk is a sharp-shinned hawk.