ALERT: Dog owners

ALERT: all DOG owners: there has been a possible link between some dogs dying in Chatham County and Jordan Lake. Please see this link to the WRAL story. Please share. We don’t know yet what is causing the illnesses and deaths so please take all precautions that you can. WRAL News article.


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  1. We started camping at Jordan lake Friday June 24th and my dog started vomiting Sunday. He has had intermittent vomiting since he was a puppy so I thought it was his normal. My husband was returning home Monday so he took our fur baby home with him. He had started vomiting much more and he planned on taking him to our local vet if it continued. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it through the night and passed in his sleep that night. Again, I thought it was due to his older age until someone set me an article about dogs passing at Jordan Lake. Then I started thinking about the last time we were here in April and he had terrible diarrhea.

    However, everything I read says the other dogs drank the water. My Remy was at our campsite the entire visit. He takes a lot of naps so we let him stay in the air conditioning of the camper or he stayed around out campsites. He never swallowed lake water.

    1. I am so sorry to hear about Remy. By any chance did you take him to a vet? We are trying to find out what is causing these deaths.

    2. Angélica could I also ask at which campground you were at a Jordan lake and it which site? Even if the loss of your pup dog is not related to the loss of the other one I am sure that the campground would like to be able to look into their water supply. Would you mind sharing that information with me?

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