Multitude of Double-Crested Cormorants

Jordan Lake: We have a resident population of double-crested cormorants here at the lake. The residents stay here all year around. However, come the cool weather of late fall and through the winter, we have hundreds of migratory double-crested cormorants that gather at the lake. Here are just a few of them. It is awesome to go to one of the boat ramps or fishing piers early in the cold mornings and look at the hundreds of these birds standing there piled up shoulder to shoulder.


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  1. HI Ellen——for some reason I’m receiving your commentary but not the photos… there any new thing I should be doing?


    1. Hi Helen:

      I have not changed anything on my end … so nothing new here. I don’t know why you are not receiving the photos. Maybe a slow modem connection to your internet … I would try opening the site again and wait a bit and see if the photos finally load up.



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