first look eagle chicks

The family of eagles at New Hope appear to have survived the horrible weather of the past couple of weeks. I watched as Kate watched over her chicks and got my first glimpse of the newest eagles on Jordan lake.

in the video: Kate is sitting to the right. Petruchio, the father, is off fishing and not in the video. Just below Kate’s feet you can see one chick: look for the 1/4 round grey ball of a head and 1 dark eye. If you can’t see that chick at first, wait until the second chick shows up and you will have a better chance of seeing the first chick. The second chick makes a very, very quick appearance way to the left of the nest. The chicks are head-heavy at this point and often lose their balance until their muscles match their growing large body. So wait for the sudden moment and you can match the color of the heads and appearance of the eyes of the two chicks. Hope you enjoy!