WALK7163 Apr 10 2015  10-48-45  New HopeKate and chicks

Kate is bringing in a small fish
both chicks want it – that is Ice to the far left of the nest
now look just in front of Kate’s right talon – that is Wynd’s gaping beak
she got the fish and has learned in the past couple of days how to feed herself
this means Ice has to wait and see if she leaves any scraps
the yellow tinge to the photo is due to a wave of pine pollen

WALK6001 Apr 05 2015  07-51-56 Ebenezer New HopeEagle w gull

I had seen gull feathers in eagle’s nests
this morning was the first time I saw an eagle flying with a gull it had caught
the shot is a long one for my lens so the focus is a bit soft, but I wanted to share this event anyway

Petruchio worked hard against a high wind to cross the cove with these materials held tight
he almost missed the edge of the nest and I did miss the shot as he landed
these are photos that I took, one-handed because I was holding onto the blowing trees around me…
sorry about the soft resolution, but the shots are fun to watch, I think!