I am glad I am not at the end of Ice’s glaring stare.
He has spread his wings to dissipate heat.
Note how much white there is on the underside of his wings.
Usually I see this kind of pattern on two year olds, not fledglings – and I call it the Navaho blanket look.
Compare it to yesterday’s photo with Ice with his back to you and Wynd from the underside.

WALK4305 Jun 07 2015 @ 10-48-24 New Hope Jun 07 2015 @ 10-48-24 hot Ice

Ice had been hanging out on the roost beside the nest
occasionally giving a “weep-weep” call hoping for fish.
Suddenly Wynd came busting past the nest – screeching.
Wynd had seen a parent coming with fish.
Not to be left out of a meal, Ice jumped into the air and they both disappeared.
Been a long time since I caught them both in the same frame.

WALK3809 Jun 05 2015 @ 09-57-26 New Hope Jun 05 2015 @ 09-57-26 Wynd and Ice

Ospreys frequently go completely under water when diving after fish.
This leaves the bird with a lot of very heavy water as excess weight on its body.
They solve the weight problem by shedding the water.
Like a dog, they start at the beak and do a full body, very vigorous, twisting shake back to the tail.
I caught this osprey at the point of the shake reaching his midsection; his beak almost back to its normal position.

WALK2216 May 30 2015 @ 07-33-59 Ebenezer Osprey shake

Mom Kate is plainly telling Ice that he better mind his eagle manners when he gets into the nest.
Her scowl and body posture are easy to see.
I think both parents are tired of hearing Ice screaming for food – you can hear him all over the cove.
I don’t know that he has made any effort to fish.
He made quick work of the fish Kate had just brought into the nest.
And then Ice proceeded to fly to where Kate was perched and landed on the same limb and began his begging all over again.
Kate left in a hurry.

WALK2015 May 29 2015 @ 09-53-11 New Hope Kate and Ice 1