Mom and one chick are looking for the arrival of dad and breakfast.
Two of the chicks are trying to figure out whether or not that new pile of leaves is worth their interest.
The “pile of leaves” is me in my camouflage and mom dismissed me within seconds of my settling into place.
Quickly the chicks too forgot about me and soon all four ospreys were waiting for dad.
The blessings of a long lens and camouflage allow me to bring you photos without disturbing the family.

WALK8368 Jun 19 2015 @ 10-14-19 Robeson  Oprey mom chicks

Ancient One
does flight ease
soul’s aching loss of life-mate
memories of fledglings flown into four winds
almost forgotten taste of first fish ever caught
morning light on so many hatchlings pipping shells

I would ask you to stop awhile
pause and share with me your history
but I will not
for that would allow yesterday to tether your dreams
here to my human ground –
cruel that way I pray never to be
fly and stay free, solitary Ancient One

WALK7105 Jun 15 2015 @ 07-28-49 Ebenezer  Ancient One 2

Kate and Petruchio are no longer bringing fish to the nest.
Wynd and Ice have other things to learn.
The nest is empty for now.
I have photographed the nest in a dreaming state.
Come this December I will again regularly visit the nest –
as it awakens and receives preparations for another clutch of eggs.

WALK5383 Jun 10 2015 @ 13-15-26 New Hope Jun 10 2015 @ 13-15-26 Empty nest

Mom osprey and two of her chicks.
Can you find them both?
An immature osprey has a bright orange-red eye (that should help you id them).

WALK6377 Jun 12 2015 @ 11-32-11 Robeson  Osprey 2 chicks