While sitting at one of the boat ramps this morning, I heard an osprey give its “eagle alert” call.
I looked up to see this ragged 2 year-old eagle soar past and head for the osprey.
The osprey dashed off with the juvenile eagle right behind it.
This eagle probably just started his 2 year of life.
The tattered feathers on tail and wings have been well-used in his first year of life.
He is just beginning his first molt of his original flight feathers.

WALK3999 03-25-16 @ 09-33-47 Pea Ridge 2 yo Ebenezer

Eagle Family Report: Oh, my, my, my!
I got my first glimpse of a chick in the Eagle Family nest.
That is mom Kate touching the chick with her beak.
At the moment the eaglet is a light grey fluff ball with big eyes and a big beak.
If you go to the Arkive site (one of my favorite wildlife sites) at https://shar.es/1YXPoz 
you can see an excellent closeup photo of a chick – wish I had the set up for that kind of photo!

WALK0842 03-14-16 @ 15-22-30 New Hope 03-14-16 @ 15-22-30 Haw