in the VIDEO at Petruchio, the father bald eagle, delivers a fish. Wynd, the fledgling, comes to the nest.
She piles into her father and then she immediately mantles – places her wings – over the food as a sign that she now owns the food.
Wynd is telling dad he better not try to take it back. Petruchio stands his ground, not moving away.
When Wynd finally gives to his presence – she lowers her head, mouths with her beak and doesn’t try to look him in the eyes, Petruchio calmly leaps up onto a limb.
Wynd waits quite a while to see what her father’s plans are and when she realizes he isn’t going to demand the fish back she picks it up and moves it out of the confrontational area.
All young ones have to be given a chance to be independent and yet cooperative.
Even eaglets have to learn that some fights are better won by giving the respect they hope to earn back someday with a potential mate.
There is a slow motion portion that shows the interaction.
in the photo below Wynd is mostly hidden behind Petruchio

WALK8934 May 18 2015  10-21-11  New HopePetruchio respect

Wynd gets into trouble: she hasn’t yet learned how to judge wind gusts.
In the video: Wynd is way down below the nest. She is to the left of the trunk of the nest tree.
Watch for her bright yellow feet.
She decides to try for the nest. But the wind catches her.
She would make a great gymnast! There is slow motion of the action.
I wish I had had a bigger viewing area but am glad I at least caught the action.

WALK8641 May 14 2015  09-29-27  New HopeWynd cartwheel

NOTE: wind was gusty and the 2nd video clip shows it!

First Ice brings a stick to the nest – gets it hung up on the rim and he is puzzled.
Then Wynd brings a fat stick to the nest. Gets it stuck on her foot.
Loses interest in the stick and bounces out of the nest and onto the parent’s big roost.
Only she misjudges the distance and ends up right at the end of the limb and can’t figure out what to do with her feet.
Quite a dance she does. She finally bails out.
I wonder if carrying the sticks is good practice for carrying wet slippery fish once the fledglings begin to fish for themselves.
In these photos: 1st is Ice in the very dark early morning; 2nd is Wynd landing with her right foot on the stick and her left foot on the roost.

WALK6828 May 09 2015  08-28-19 New Hope Ice stick 2015

WALK7077 May 09 2015  11-38-48  New HopeWynd stick