Ace’s body was halfway into the water when he realized the danger.
He began pulling up hard, fighting for altitude.
His body swung to his left and he got the left wing tip caught in the water.

Going from the bottom left of the photo:
The smaller spreading circular splash shows his trajectory as he almost got his body cleared of the river.
The next curve of bubbles shows where his left wing tapped the water and he began a half arc.
Finally he got straightened out and his body fully free of the river. Oh, my.

WALK6836 Jul 13 2015 @ 09-10-11 Haw River Ace fishing lure part 2

I could see the fish as Ace flared his talons for the snatch.
I heard the fisherman further up the bank yell.
Ace looked puzzled as he neared the fish and suddenly aborted his strike.
The osprey had been diving for a fish that the fisherman had just hooked and was reeling in.
Both the fisherman and I breathed better when my photos showed us that Ace had not caught himself on the fish, lure or line.

WALK6827 Jul 13 2015 @ 09-10-07 Haw River Ace fishing lure

Jordan Lake osprey family report:
Mom osprey (far right) and one of her three chicks sure are quizzical.
I wonder if it is because a black vulture has settled on a limb
only ten feet to the side and about 15 feet above me.
It is said one cannot go back in time – but I am going to attempt it with the Jordan Lake osprey family.
I kept an eye on them as I finished watching the fledging of the Jordan Lake eagle family.
So, this photo was taken on June 24, 2015 – keep an eye for the dates on upcoming family shots.

WALK9027 Jun 24 2015 @ 06-44-19 Stinky osprey chicks

May your holiday be one of peace and joy.
May we each remember that the freedom that was so dearly bought is to be shared amongst kin, friends and countries.
While we thank those who sacrificed for our independence then and continue to give their labor and life for freedom today.
Hershey, the milk-chocolate eagle, soars above us because we also care for his world too.

WALK0841 Jun 29 2015 @ 11-19-21 Ebenezer  Hershey 4th July