I always check out each bird in a vulture kettle.
The raptors of all sorts often soar in the thermals together.
This morning a red-tailed hawk joined the black vultures.
I happened to catch the two species at almost the same focal distance for a colorful photo.

WALK0481 Jul 22 2015 @ 09-55-17 Haw River  red tail and vulture

2:57 minute slide show at https://youtu.be/YGkBBytfyJE
Ace the Osprey has a favorite perch for eating his fish that he has caught at Jordan Lake.
One of the security lights makes a perfect table.
The slideshow gives you detailed moments to enjoy his power and grace as he makes his approach and landing. Enjoy!
please let me know, good or bad, what you think of the slideshow, thanks

WALK7346 Jul 14 2015 @ 10-10-00 Haw River Ace Light Landing

This osprey fledgling had been chasing his father Ace when he decided to make a landing on the flat surface of the dam’s tailrace. The flat surface makes a landing tricky and takes a lot of concentration…

WALK8495 Jul 17 2015 @ 09-33-55 Haw River osprey fledgling flight

You just never know when an eagle will appear – or where it will land.
In this case the landing pad is one of the warning signs at the Jordan Lake dam.
The eagle balanced on the thin edge for four minutes.
My friend and I were still discussing the strange perch when a second adult eagle came up river.
The second eagle flew by the first eagle. Neither bird made a sound or seemed to notice each other.
The second eagle soared out over the dam and on to the lake.
The first eagle eventually gave up its balancing act and flew a very short distance – and this time landed in a pine.

WALK7499 Jul 14 2015 @ 10-40-11 Haw River eagle on sign