immature wood stork

I was at the Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge on Monday.
As often happens there, I get to photograph birds I have not seen before.
This is an immature Wood Stork.
He has wandered north out of the normal wood stork Atlantic coast range.
His bulk is greater than that of the great blue heron, but he is shorter and has less of a wingspan than the heron.

Wood Stork 1


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  1. Thank you for this magnificent photo. I live in Century Village in WPB, FL, and saw two of these birds near one of the ponds. No knowing what they were, my investigation lead to your page. The birds I saw are immature with a deep, deep red bill, downward facing. I am concerned for them as I see they are endangered. Should I contact Fish & Wildlife to rescue them or Audubon or just leave them alone?? Many thanks.

    1. They most likely don’t need rescuing. The Florida Audubon Society would like a report that you have seen the storks, date and time and place. You can go to and find lots of information and ways to help. I am pleased that you have two of these wonderful birds where you can watch them. You might find it interesting to keep a journal of their activities – a year from now you will have a diary of your interaction with nature! peace and grace, doc ellen

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