I was at the Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge on Monday.
As often happens there, I get to photograph birds I have not seen before.
This is an immature Wood Stork.
He has wandered north out of the normal wood stork Atlantic coast range.
His bulk is greater than that of the great blue heron, but he is shorter and has less of a wingspan than the heron.

Wood Stork 1

WALK5698 yearling Mattamuskeet eagle 2014 (1)

As this yearling eagle flew over the waters of Lake Mattamuskeet he started to furl his wings.
I hoped he would dive for whatever he was seeing – instead he flew on.

WALK2656 white pelican pair flight2014

The American white pelican is noted to be uncommon on the coast of North Carolina.
It was wonderful to see a flight of 13 of these huge birds; here I have shown 2 of the formation.