smallest shorebird in the world

In the hours that happen, more often than not, in between seeing eagles to photograph –
I get to watch the rest of Jordan Lake’s diversity.
So it happened a week ago that I saw a pair of tiny, tiny, wee, small birds.
My first thought was “who put the bent stilts on those sparrows”.
I had a wonderful 15 minutes photographing what turned out to a pair of least sandpipers.
The smallest shorebirds in the world, wow!
For size reference, note that the bird has a foot on a piece of pine straw.
They are common on the coast but very rare at Jordan Lake.
There is a 2m 46s video of one of these “peeps”, as they are called, at my YouTube page

WALK7384 May 11 2015  10-51-53  New HopeLeast sandpiper