Doc Ellen’s GoFundMe update

Thank you! My GoFundMe campaign is at 80% fulfillment. Yesterday I got a note through the campaign web site from a high school classmate … we had lost touch with each other many years ago. She had received a share of my Face Book posting about the campaign and in a blink of computer time, we were connected again. Therein ensued a virtual blizzard of emails, texts and phone calls. When I set up the campaign I had no idea what to expect … and was startled and grateful for the responses from each of you. And, because of this campaign, in this world that often seems determined to separate each of us from the other and from our environment, I was given the opportunity to renew a friendship. May each of you today find a renewal…of friendships, kinships and loving kindness … My thanks for your continuing support through donations and the sharing of this post. Link to GoFundMe