THANK YOU!!! My GoFundMe goal has been accomplished! I am misty-eyed and humbled by the expressions of care, concern and friendship from each of you – each of you in your own unique ways. I have ordered the equipment and it will be here this Wednesday. Then to Jordan Lake I go to do just as one of this year’s bald eagle fledglings is doing … seeing a brand new world. I look forward to sharing the Jordan Lake Neighborhood with all of you for many years to come. Peace and Grace, Doc Ellen

2022 bald eagle fledgling

Jordan Lake. If you have found yourself wondering over the last few days just where Doc Ellen might be… Well, I have been trying to get everything set up to bring my youngest brother up from South Carolina to live with me. It has been a very busy week so far. I am planning on being back out at the lake June 1. It seems like it has been forever since I saw the eagles and ospreys and the itty-bitty birds too. While I am away, if you have been thinking about my GoFundMe camera campaign and possibly making a donation, I am closing the campaign as of June 1. If you are interested in helping, here is the link. Hang in there with this eastern bluebird and keep an eye out for the reappearance of Doc Ellen very soon!

I have had a very unexpected but wonderful notification … and I need a bit more funding support. The camera store where I had back ordered and placed on hold the new camera, notified me that they have the camera back in stock, but not very many of them. Since there was enough funding in my account for the camera body, they wanted to go ahead and ship me the camera even though I don’t have quite the money to also purchase the lens that goes with it. We talked a bit. We decided to ship the camera to me and wait and see if I could finish raising the rest of the money for the lens that is especially made for the camera (they are holding one for me). I could buy the adapter ($200) that would let me use my present lens with the new camera but with that comes additional weight and the difficulty for me to use the adapter. I and the camera store decided to wait to see if maybe over the next few days my GoFundMe could raise the rest of the money to buy the new lens too. I need an additional $1500 to get the new lens. If you have already donated your time, your funds, your support to me, thank you! If you have not yet made a donation to my GoFundMe please consider doing so. The lighter camera and lens will bring much relief and ease to my fieldwork. I will be able to go to the lake, marvel in all that nature has to show us and then share my delight with all of you. I will be ending the campaign on June 1, 2022, with gratitude to all of you. Thank you, peace and grace, Doc Ellen

Bald Eagle Lady Lake and her Chick

Thank you! My GoFundMe campaign is at 80% fulfillment. Yesterday I got a note through the campaign web site from a high school classmate … we had lost touch with each other many years ago. She had received a share of my Face Book posting about the campaign and in a blink of computer time, we were connected again. Therein ensued a virtual blizzard of emails, texts and phone calls. When I set up the campaign I had no idea what to expect … and was startled and grateful for the responses from each of you. And, because of this campaign, in this world that often seems determined to separate each of us from the other and from our environment, I was given the opportunity to renew a friendship. May each of you today find a renewal…of friendships, kinships and loving kindness … My thanks for your continuing support through donations and the sharing of this post. Link to GoFundMe

I am glad and very grateful to let you know that my GoFundMe campaign is just shy of the 2/3 point. When thinking of this upcoming milestone, I got to remembering the day I first got to Jordan Lake. I have made a short video so that you too can share in that memory. Please enjoy the serenity of the waters of Jordan Lake with me.

If you have not made a donation yet and would like to do so anonymously, simply click the “private do not share publicly” button on the Doc Ellen Go Fund Me page at

Peace and Grace

Doc Ellen

I watched the shadow of me, camera in hand, against the bright autumn morning of Jordan Lake. Considered briefly the shadow of the long ago accident and then smiled within the light of lake and each of your expressions of thoughtfulness and caring. The sharing of the Jordan Lake Neighborhood with all of you has continued to lift my spirit and helps me cope daily with my crabby left arm. My thanks to all of you for your ongoing support and contributions to my GoFundMe campaign as together we work toward the goal of new photography equipment. I am looking forward to sharing more of Jordan Lake, its birds and its ever changing story with each of you.
Peace and grace, Doc Ellen

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