Public Service Announcement: Not Gotten Your Stimulus Check yet?

Glitch with Stimulus Checks that the government isn’t telling you about! IF you have not yet gotten your check and want to know when your check will arrive: Go to the link Click on the box “Get My Payment” and fill in the information. This site has been telling people, especially those on Social Security that your “Payment Status is Not Available”. Yeah, well, the reason that information is not available is due to a computer programming error…. So the following detail is VERY VERY IMPORTANT: when you put in your street address use ALL CAPS and just put in your street address like this 125 D MAIN STREET (don’t put in the city) and the zip code in its block. It should come up and tell you when your check is to be mailed. There is a program coding error that throws out addresses that are not in ALL CAPS. Sometimes the same glitch occurs if you do/do not abbreviate the STREET to ST. So if need be, try the different ways to type “street”. If that fails, go to and follow instructions for did NOT file 2018 or 2019 taxes.
With these directions, if you are supposed to get a check (and this in particular applies to those on Social Security) Get My Payment should now work for you … it did for me just now (after I learned about the all caps) and my check is to be mailed to me on May 1.
Hope this helps! Doc Ellen

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