First Nest
The chick is still with us – earning it the name Resolute.  I watched it flap its wings and stretch out!
It took most of today before one of the parents – Kate – brought in food.
Both parents very, very edgy all day. Would dash to the nest and then right back out.
It is still touch and go for the chick – the stress may take a while to show.
Hopefully, Resolute will hang in there and fledge sometime in May.
I couldn’t get a photo of Resolute today – but will keep trying so you all can see the chick too.
Thanks for all the continuing prayers, good thoughts and well-wishes.
photo: Kate is peering down at her chick today.

First Nest
 Petruchio brought in a fish for supper.
Kate watches as Petruchio heads upwards with his fish.
He watched Kate feed the chick(s) – I still don’t know how many chicks.
The chick is still small so I added an arrow.
H&G Nest
Godiva is still incubating.  Her egg(s) should hatch in about 9 days.

First Nest
Kate was incubating.
Petruchio went looking for a new stick for the nest – nests are in constant need of repair.
Watch for Petruchio’s feet as he snaps the branch from the dead tree.
Once he gets the stick to the nest, he places it where he thinks it should go.
Kate, being Kate, gets up and checks out the stick placement.
She screams her approval and then bails out of the nest.
It is Petruchio’s turn for doing some of the incubation.
The video may be better to view at my flickr site:

Kate is sitting on egg(s)!
I believe she laid them yesterday, Christmas Day.
In the slide show you see her make a 90 second flight of 2 round trips.
She cannot leave the eggs without her body heat for more than about 2 minutes in this kind of weather.
I don’t know if she was looking for Petruchio to see if he was bringing food or she just needed some wing time.
That little white sliver in 2 of the 3 last photos
is what we will most often get to see of Kate while she is incubating.
Stay tuned:  hatching in about 35 days.

All the parent eagles are busy repairing nests and getting ready for a new season of eaglets.
First Nest
This is Petruchio eyeing the repair work on the nest.
He soon left to get another branch or a talon full of soft material for the nest cup.
This is Momma Kate headed across the cove.
Kate is usually one of the very first to begin laying eggs – usually between December 24 and January 1.