First Nest

Kate is on the left, Resolute is peeking out from under tree limb to her right and Petruchio is on the right.

The video is a series of clips from the morning I spent with First Nest.

Activities included bringing in a fish, nest repair, Kate and Petruchio in an eagle chatter duet, and Resolute playing.

First Nest
The chick is still with us – earning it the name Resolute.  I watched it flap its wings and stretch out!
It took most of today before one of the parents – Kate – brought in food.
Both parents very, very edgy all day. Would dash to the nest and then right back out.
It is still touch and go for the chick – the stress may take a while to show.
Hopefully, Resolute will hang in there and fledge sometime in May.
I couldn’t get a photo of Resolute today – but will keep trying so you all can see the chick too.
Thanks for all the continuing prayers, good thoughts and well-wishes.
photo: Kate is peering down at her chick today.

First Nest
 Petruchio brought in a fish for supper.
Kate watches as Petruchio heads upwards with his fish.
He watched Kate feed the chick(s) – I still don’t know how many chicks.
The chick is still small so I added an arrow.
H&G Nest
Godiva is still incubating.  Her egg(s) should hatch in about 9 days.