First Nest update
Yesterday, I was standing on top of the dam when a bald eagle appeared, flying up from the south end of the lake.
I got my lens on the eagle, and suddenly realized I knew her.
Kate is the mother eagle at First Nest.
 Kate turned her head and looked at me, changed her direction, made a single loop over me and headed back up lake.
I haven’t seen her in about 5 months.
This morning, I went by the First Nest cove.
The nest looked okay and I could hear an eagle calling.
I finally found Petruchio, the father eagle of First Nest, sitting up high on a favored perch in a pine.
While I was watching, he made a long swing down almost to lake level and I thought he was going fishing.
Turns out he wanted to investigate what the crows were doing.

First Nest

Resolute stretches his wings.
Then dad Petruchio shows up with a big fish and Resolute tries to grab it from dad’s foot.
Mom Kate quickly gets to the nest and feeds Resoute.
Wait for the BIG gulp at the end – mom tries to help but Resolute is determined to handle the situation himself.

First Nest
Kate had just finished feeding Resolute.
Resolute will be 8 weeks old on March 24.  He is almost as big as mom.
I managed to grab these few seconds of video.
My camera that I usually use for doing videos is not happy.
I resorted to using my iPhone to catch a few seconds of the live view from my other camera.


First Nest

Kate is on the left, Resolute is peeking out from under tree limb to her right and Petruchio is on the right.

The video is a series of clips from the morning I spent with First Nest.

Activities included bringing in a fish, nest repair, Kate and Petruchio in an eagle chatter duet, and Resolute playing.