_RK_2157 2 yo eagle Poe 2014

two year old bald eagle, sure of his place in the world

halo Haw river meadow IMG_8388

I sent this photo to WRAL and Mike Moss of the weather bureau was kind enough to reply with the following explanation of what I photographed at 8:06 AM this morning at the Jordan Lake dam using my iPhone 5S. The photo is not edited in any way.

“Hi Ellen, You captured a nice example of the 22-degree halo, formed by light passing through a layer of millions of tiny hexagonal ice crystals that happen to be both well-formed and more or less randomly oriented. That happens on occasion with sheets of high cirrus clouds like those passing over the area this morning.”
[the small green dot at the top of the halo is from my iPhone]

IMG_1296 flora fauna med 2014

Let me ask you this: where begins the flora and ends the fauna or is it begins the fauna and ends the flora?

spoiler on display

As I understand it, it was 1948 before man began to use air spoilers on airplane wings. The great egret and all flighted birds, make good use of spoilers as they land.  It is not often I get to so easily see the spoilers on the back edges of the wings deployed and the lift spilled so the bird can safely land.

_RK_9606 egret flight med2014

I marvel when the sun becomes my spotlight and the great egret shines in the dawn.